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The Origin

Coffee&Kimuras was born in Ireland in 2018 out of obsessions with caffeine, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and themed rashguards. 

Before launching, we spent over a year working behind-the-scenes to perfect the material and fit of our products. Each product has subtle features that make the world of difference to how they function, allowing you to concentrate on searching for that elusive Kimura.*

Since launching, we have accelerated quickly, increasing our product offering with many more in development, physically testing them ourselves on the mats to make sure they are perfect before offering them to you.

The Kimura grip is versatile technique, useful for many reasons, from many positions. Our products are equally as versatile. Try them for yourself and experience the instant 64% boost in the strength of your Kimura grip.**

*We do not discriminate based on submission preference

**May or may not be true

Community is everything

We love giving back

One of the primary reasons Chris started the brand as a white belt was because of the encouraging and welcoming atmosphere he felt in the Jiu Jitsu community. We are determined to give back where we can by supporting athletes and hosting events for the C&K family.

Supporting Fighters

Showing Behind The Scenes

In-House Product Development

By Fighters, For Fighters

C&K: A Brief History


The Initial C&K Samples

In late 2016, less than a year after taking up Jiu Jitsu and before ever buying a rashguard from an established brand, our founder Chris decided to source rashguards from suppliers in Asia.

While waiting for the samples to arrive, his newest obsessions with Jiu Jitsu and coffee merged with his penchant for alliteration to create the brand identity...


Choosing The First Signature Rashie

After receiving 15+ samples from 12 suppliers and wearing them under his gi in beginner classes without telling anyone what he was up to, Chris finally found a sample that he was really happy with.

Looking back at this photo, maybe he should have spent more time looking for a barber!

With a supplier sorted and a design planned out, the next step was to develop the brand...


Creating The Brand

The first bulk order of Signature Rashguards landed in Dublin, Ireland on November 22nd, 2018.

The first iteration of went live on November 23rd, 2018.

Black Friday.

Spoiler Alert: Terrible time to launch a brand!

On to 2019...


And we're off...

The first sale on came on January 19th, 2019.

Thank you Matthew!

By the end of 2019, we had our first athlete on board, Marcelo Cohen... in front of people for the first time by sponsoring a great show, Samurai Grappling...

...and made a grand total of 77 sales on the website!


Surviving to Grow...

With major plans thrown out the window early, the future of C&K was in doubt...

From the bottom of our hearts, a massive thank you to everyone who ordered during that period.

By the end of the year, we had signed another big name, Austin Daffron, who appeared alongside Marcelo Cohen on both Combat Jiu Jitsu and Jiu Jitsu Overtime.

We also signed Cage Warriors Pro MMA Fighter, Decky McAleenan, and had our first photoshoot.

After everything, it turned out to be our best year yet ...


Just surviving

After a great year, other projects took priority in 2021 and C&K stagnated.

Despite that, there were highlights like Decky McAleenan fighting on Cage Warriors multiple times...

...the small matter of Marcelo Cohen welcoming Mikey Musumeci back to No Gi while wearing custom C&K spats...

...and also ripping his signature Kimura on Combat Jiu Jitsu resulting in some of the most incredible images ever captured in Jiu Jitsu!


Our Best Year To Date...

Building on the publicity from the previous year, we experienced massive growth in 2022, releasing new ranges, increasing visibility and activating a sponsorship of what has become Ireland's leading MMA promotion, IÚR Fighting Championship

We also welcomed Austin Daffron for a whistle-stop tour of Ireland, including our second photoshoot, before his appearance on Grapplefest, one of the largest invitational Jiu Jitsu events in the UK!

Instant Gi - White - Coffee&Kimuras


Joining the Dark Side

With continuous growth, it was time to break into the Gi market, something we had been planning since 2018.

Having built a reputation for quality products, we took our time to make sure that our first Gi was going to align with that.

Testing multiple samples on the mats ourselves, over and over again, we found one we were happy with and were (almost) ready to launch towards the end of the year...

(We were also nominated for Irish eCom Website of the Year, btw!)


The Takeover Is Here

We pulled the Gi launch at the last minute because we felt there were more small improvements that could be made.

The start of 2024 has involved finalising those details and signing Gi athletes ahead of the launch of our new website, which was also delayed from 2023 because of our Website of the Year nomination!

Welcome to the next phase of C&K...

The Takeover ...

Outstanding. I bloody love them - the design, the fit and cut. Just buy them; the new gold standard in no gi shorts

— Paul M.

I own a lot of rashguards. This is by far the best one I have. From the fabric to the stitching, it seems more expensive than it actually is. 10/10

— Glein G.

5 stars, comfortable, the size is perfect, great for competitions. I love it.

— Maíra R.

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