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Coffee&Kimuras was born in Ireland in 2018 out of obsessions with caffeine, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and themed rashguards. 

Before launching, we spent over a year working behind-the-scenes to perfect the material and fit of our products. Each product has subtle features that make the world of difference to how they function, allowing you to concentrate on searching for that elusive Kimura.*

The Kimura grip is a versatile technique, useful for many reasons, from many positions. Our products are equally as versatile. Try them for yourself and experience the instant 64% boost in the strength of your Kimura grip.**

Since we launched we have accelerated quickly, increasing our product offering with many more in development, physically testing them ourselves on the mats to make sure they are perfect before offering them to you.

We are also very proud to be supporting upcoming professional athletes in both BJJ and MMA, who we have the utmost faith in becoming household names at the very top level of their chosen discipline. Check them out here.

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See you on the mats!


Founder, C&K

*We do not discriminate based on submission preference

**May or may not be true

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