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Optimise Your Life® with OYL Focus Lifestyle Mushroom 400g Ground Coffee bag. Good for — Getting sh*t done. A unique blend of Lions Mane Mushrooms and Speciality Grade Coffee combines the best of both worlds with notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts.


🗓️ 1 Month Supply — 33 Servings

🔍 Good for — Getting sh*t done.

☕ Ideal for V60, Aeropress, Chemex, French Press, Moka Pot.

🌎 100% Compostable

🌱 100% Vegan

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Key Features


Coffee Grade:

Speciality Grade (>80 points score)

Origin: Brazil

Species: Arabica 100%

Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate, roasted nuts, carmel finish

Total weight: 400g

Coffee: 369g

Mushrooms: 31g

Recommended serving ratio: 12g Focus / 200g boiling water (makes 1 cup)

Servings per bag: 33


Does OYL taste like mushrooms?

It doesn't taste like mushrooms as you know it. The flavour profile of the cup is dark chocolate, nuts and a slightly earthy finish (this is the mushroom flavour). Some people wont even notice this.

How does the coffee compare to regular coffee?

Our coffee tastes like regular coffee. It's a speciality grade coffee from the Mina Gerais region of Brazil. Hand picked at high altitude. This coffee has a beautiful flavour profile of chocolate and nuts.

Is OYL organic?

Yes, all of the medicinal mushrooms are certified organic. They are fully approved by the USDA and European Union.

Where can I find out more about OYL Mushroom Coffee?

Visit their website,

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